1. I forgot my password. I want to add or delete users.
  The following are authorized to request changes in the system, add new users or delete existing users. Please contact them directly:
International Falls: Lois Lundin
  Karla Hart
  Julie Ehrman
  Sherry Botzet
San Antonio: Shannon Smalls
  Rogelio Carlos Gonzalez
  Clyde Black
Solstice: Add a new work order in Track-It
2. I have a request for an Emergency PTE. Can I request this through the Utilization Review System?
  Currently, the Utilization Review System does not handle Emergency PTEs, only regular PTEs. Please follow the current process of calling our Member Services Representatives (1.800.760.2247) for any emergency PTEs.
3. What if two users are looking at a claim the same time?
  The system has a locking feature. When two users are working on a claim at the same time, only one can edit and make changes (if role permitted) while the other can only view the claim. System will alert the second user that the record is locked. System will only unlock the claim when primary user navigates to another page.
  Session time is set for 20 minutes. This is to prevent any user from locking a claim indefinitely when opened should there be periods of inactivity.

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